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Pick of the Week 70 - Destination Storytelling: How can you really inspire travellers?



Destination Storytelling: How can you really inspire travellers?

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Mirko Data Appeal 2b

Travel Appeal Grows and Expands to The Data Appeal Company

I am really excited to share an important step for our company with everyone. For some time, Travel Appeal has proved capable of providing far beyond the borders of the tourism industry. This rapid evolution has convinced us to expand the company, becoming The Data Appeal Company Spa, a brand that best reflects the projects we carry out today and will carry out in the future.

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Event - Restaurant Expo new 3

We’re heading to the Restaurant Takeaway Innovation Expo in London!

Travel Appeal is excited to announce our participation in the Restaurant Takeaway Innovation Expo in London on November 19th and 20th. This two-day conference is packed with over 250 seminars and panel discussions lead by industry experts revealing the latest technology trends throughout the food and beverage industry. The event is free to attend and attracts over 10,000 attendees worldwide!

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Ships log - ascolto della rete ENG 2

Say hello to Brand Monitoring, the latest Travel Appeal feature

Right now, there’s a former customer discussing your property online and a future guest making their decision based on that feedback...

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Success story ENG

2019 Destination Analysis: Italy

Each year, Travel Appeal analyzes the tourism offers and reputation of Italy. This year, we’ve not only included hotels and accomodations, but also added restaurants and outdoor experiences into the analysis.

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Endeavor 1 ENG

Mirko Lalli Selected by Endeavor: New Growth Opportunities for Travel Appeal

As Travel Appeal graduates from start-up to scale-up, we’re thrilled to announce our selection into Endeavor!

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