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4 Reasons to Participate at HICON 2020

4 Reasons to Participate at HICON 2020

Have you secured your seat for HICON 2020: The Digital Edition? We’ve selected an innovative platform never used before in Italy and have confirmed dozens of new speakers from around the world - all at a special fixed price of €49.


“It’s not your average conference on Zoom”, reveals Mirko Lalli, CEO and creator of HICON - The Hospitality Innovation Conference.

Together, we’ll uncover the latest innovations in tourism and hospitality. Momentum is our best ally during these times and we can’t wait to share the amazing keynote speakers with you on December 3rd! In the meantime, check out four reasons why you need to participate at HICON 2020.

1. The new, fully digital format

At first, HICON 2020 was conceived as a hybrid event - both online and offline. However, the general uncertainty prompted the organization to change direction. The filming of the event - situation permitting - will be held at the Nana Bianca headquarters, at the Granaio dell’Abbondanza in Florence, Italy. Participants will be able to follow the entire live event from home - from anywhere in the world. 

Mirko Lalli, at the helm of the HICON scientific committee with Giancarlo Carniani and Nicola Delvecchio, explains, "The decision was based on two main reasons. First, due to the uncertainty about what will happen in coming weeks regarding current regulations and the possibility of another lockdown. Second and most importantly, the decision was made in respect for everyone’s health and safety - avoiding travel and the possibility of contagion."

2. An innovative platform 

Remo is the platform chosen for HICON 2020. This virtual venue provider is based in San Francisco, USA with the purpose to “humanize online events and remote work”.

“Why did we choose Remo?”, explains Lalli, “I tried it during an important remote meeting organized by an innovation hub in Silicon Valley and it immediately struck me. Its 2D map structure, with tables, chairs, a stage and even floors where you can move, chat and actively engage with other participants makes it ideal for safeguarding not only the use of content, but also the networking dimension that’s so precious in face-to-face events. Trust that it’s not your average conference on Zoom.”

3. High-level speakers

For the main stage, many
prominent speakers on the international scene have confirmed for this year’s edition from Philip Wolf and Lorraine Sileo of Phocuswright and Hylco Vesteeg of InterContinental Hotels Group to Michael Ros of Bidroom and Francesca Benati of Amadeus.

We’ll have two other stages focusing specifically on hospitality and destinations. In the Hospitality Hall, speakers will reveal the latest innovations in the hospitality sector and the leading cutting-edge technologies hoteliers can take advantage of today. In addition, we’ll also have a room dedicated to Officina Turistica and the minds behind the award-winning Italian blog: Robi Veltroni and Silvia Moggia. They will involve some of the top journalists and researchers for a side view of tourism where you’ll get an inside look at the future of destinations.

4. One special price 

Since the event will be completely in digital format, the 2020 edition will have a single and locked price of €49 + VAT.

There’s no excuses - secure your virtual seat for HICON 2020 today! But hurry - the digital tickets are running out.

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