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A Data-Lovers Guide to the Top 10 Hip Hotels in Berlin

A Data-Lovers Guide to the Top 10 Hip Hotels in Berlin

What makes a hotel trendy?

Gearing up for ITB Berlin, Travel Appeal was curious about where to stay. Working in the hospitality industry, we love researching the coolest hotels in the destinations we’re traveling to.

We found this article by The Telegraph revealing the Top 10: Hip Hotels in Berlin. Intrigued, we naturally dove into the data to uncover more. We tracked the data over the past year starting from January 2018. Using our machine learning and semantic analysis methods, we analyzed the results.

The 10 hotels we tracked were:

  1. nhow Berlin
  2. Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin
  3. 25 Hours Hotel Bikini Berlin
  4. Henri Hotel
  5. Hotel MANI
  6. Hotel am Steinplatz, Autograph Collection
  7. Soho House Berlin
  8. Provocateur Hotel
  9. SO/ Berlin Das Stue
  10. The Weinmeister Berlin-Mitte

The nhow Berlin: the most reviewed hotel

Coined as Europe’s first “music hotel”, the nhow Berlin breaks the traditional accommodation mold allowing guests to request an electric guitar or DJ booth for their rooms. If that’s not a music lover’s dream, the terrace overlooks UrbanSpree, an art and music exhibition space. It should come as no surprise that the nhow was the most reviewed hotel over the past year with 4446 pieces of feedback (anything from reviews and social posts to photos and tweets).


The Adlon Kempinski Berlin: the most international hotel

The most international hotel was the Adlon Kempinski Berlin
welcoming travelers from 84 different countries. With past guests including the Queen of England and Michael Jackson and views facing the Brandenburg Gate, the Adlon Kempinski Berlin presents itself as a luxurious getaway attracting visitors from around the world.

The Hotel am Steinplatz recorded the highest level of satisfaction

And where were guests most satisfied with their stay? The Hotel am Steinplatz, Autograph Collection recorded the highest level of guest satisfaction with an average sentiment of 93.8%. Self acclaimed as a “cultural institution”, Hotel am Steinplatz offers something for everyone. Old meets new is the key theme and its central location, opulent 2-story spa and original interior design wow guests.


What stood out...

We then analyzed the most reviewed aspects of each hotel and which aspect had the highest sentiment.

When comparing the quality of the following aspects - cleanliness, cost, food, hospitality, internet, location, rooms and services - the most reviewed aspect for every hotel, except for two, was the quality of rooms. The most reviewed feature from Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin guests was the quality of hospitality; whereas Soho House Berlin visitors mostly reviewed the quality of food.

Conversely, the sentiment told a different story

Despite the quality of rooms being the most discussed topic among the majority of hotels, it was not the aspect with the highest sentiment across them. In fact, three of the ten hotels described the quality of hospitality with the highest level of satisfaction, three others expressed cleanliness. Two hotels had guests most satisfied with the location.

Not so surprising, guests at both the nhow Hotel and Adlon Kempinski Berlin had an average location sentiment score of 94.6% and 93.2% respectfully. Conversely, visitors at the Hotel am Steinplatz, Autograph Collection were most pleased with the hospitality, with a 95.5% average sentiment.

So, what makes a hotel hip or trendy?

Through our data research, it appears that the “hippest” hotels in Berlin stick to the basics. They focus on the quality of the rooms, location and hospitality. The “wow factor” comes second to an excellent product.

What are some of your favorite trendy hotels in Berlin?

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