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A Digital Retail Revolution is Underway! Are You Ready?

A Digital Retail Revolution is Underway! Are You Ready?

In the Mind of the Expert: Giuseppe Stigliano


The expansion of e-commerce has affected brick and mortar stores around the globe and the retail industry is in the middle of what the media have coined, a ’Retail Apocalypse’.

Meanwhile - in apparent countertendency - Amazon has purchased the US-based grocery store Whole Foods Market and there are rumors that Google is about to open their first flagship store.

To learn more, our CEO & Founder, Mirko Lalli, spoke with Giuseppe Stigliano, retail expert and co-author of Retail 4.0 with Philip Kotler, who explained why the current change in the market will forever transform the retail world for the better.

We’ve collected the latest and most crucial aspects from our interview and transformed them into an eBook designed for Retailers.

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll find inside:

  • The 5 A’s of the new Customer Journey
  • 10 rules for retail in the digital age
  • Uncover the importance of being a "curator"
  • What are the biggest risks for retailers and how to overcome them
  • The impact of ‘big data’ in the retail industry


Download the eBook and discover how retailers can survive in the Digital Age!