A Journey through Digital Transformation: Ostello Bello Milano

A Journey through Digital Transformation: Ostello Bello Milano

Ostello Bello Milan has been rated the #1 Hostel in Italy by Hostelworld!

Ostello Bello, located in the heart of Milan, has been awarded the #1 Hostel in Italy by Hostelworld. The group, which encompasses 8 hostels around the world, has also earned the recognition of the #1 Hostel Chain in the World.

Michele Azzoni, Marketing and Communication Manager at Ostello Bello, reveals how important it is for a business to efficiently manage online reviews. Managing brand reputation is a process that requires increasing commitment over time. The adoption of the Travel Appeal Dashboard, a tool designed to monitor and organize online feedback, has been an integral part of this process. By implementing artificial intelligence and data science technology, Ostello Bello has been able to effectively strategize and embark on a digital transformation journey.


Goodbye spreadsheets, hello technology!

The story of Ostello Bello demonstrates that placing attention on brand reputation is a strategic factor for improving customer satisfaction, boosting word of mouth and increasing occupancy. Moreover, it is equally important to invest in a digital approach for managing customer relationships in today’s economy.

Manually managing reviews, perhaps with obsolete Excel spreadsheets, is counterproductive, as confirmed by Filippo Polo, General Cluster Manager of Hotel in Venice Group, one of Travel Appeal’s customers.

“We needed to understand more in detail which factors were going to penalize the positioning of our brand reputation. Countless Excel sheets were used to organize, read and evaluate online content. This whole activity of reading, grouping information and evaluating it took a long time.”


Digital Transformation

To fully maximize your online reputation, respond in a timely and consistent manner to all reviews – especially the negative ones. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of your brand, testing your performance compared to competitors and integrating new tools (both on desktop and on mobile) such as those offered by Travel Appeal, which exploits the new technologies of AI, data science and semantic analysis is imperative.

Choosing the right digital tools, similar to Ostello Bello, means more than reaching the heights of international hotel rankings, but also saving time and improving economic results.

Mario Panico, Sales and Revenue Manager at the Hotel & Resort Le Axidie in Naples, confirms these results:

“I discovered that I could monitor competitors’ rates and their market positioning. This allowed us to update our rates accordingly and optimally position ourselves in the market so we could sell to the right customer in the right place at the right time.”