Pick 70 - Destination Storytelling BLOG

Pick of the Week 70 - Destination Storytelling: How can you really inspire travellers?



Destination Storytelling: How can you really inspire travellers?

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Mirko Data Appeal 2b

Travel Appeal Grows and Expands to The Data Appeal Company

I am really excited to share an important step for our company with everyone. For some time, Travel Appeal has proved capable of providing far beyond the borders of the tourism industry. This rapid evolution has convinced us to expand the company, becoming The Data Appeal Company Spa, a brand that best reflects the projects we carry out today and will carry out in the future.

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Event - Restaurant Expo new 3

We’re heading to the Restaurant Takeaway Innovation Expo in London!

Travel Appeal is excited to announce our participation in the Restaurant Takeaway Innovation Expo in London on November 19th and 20th. This two-day conference is packed with over 250 seminars and panel discussions lead by industry experts revealing the latest technology trends throughout the food and beverage industry. The event is free to attend and attracts over 10,000 attendees worldwide!

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Ships log - ascolto della rete ENG 2

Say hello to Brand Monitoring, the latest Travel Appeal feature

Right now, there’s a former customer discussing your property online and a future guest making their decision based on that feedback...

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Success story ENG

2019 Destination Analysis: Italy

Each year, Travel Appeal analyzes the tourism offers and reputation of Italy. This year, we’ve not only included hotels and accomodations, but also added restaurants and outdoor experiences into the analysis.

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Endeavor 1 ENG

Mirko Lalli Selected by Endeavor: New Growth Opportunities for Travel Appeal

As Travel Appeal graduates from start-up to scale-up, we’re thrilled to announce our selection into Endeavor!

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Double speech ttg 3 ENG (1)

Which Regions Shine Online? Stay tuned for the 2019 IDD Awards at TTG!

Having a sparkling online reputation and digital image is not always easy. When it comes to a destination’s reputation and reviews, dream-worthy website and instagram photos of your village, beach or castle only go so far.

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Cover - Ebook zero reclami ENG

Avoid the top hotel complaints and build a stellar reputation!

At the back of each hotelier’s mind is the question of how to avoid negative reviews and guest complaints. However, instead of worrying about if and when complaints will come, take charge today and take actionable steps to prevent them in the first place!

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pick 69 eng

Pick of the Week 69 - TripAdvisor vows to remain transparent in the clash of fake reviews



TripAdvisor vows to remain transparent in the clash of fake reviews

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Takeaway - Costa Azzurra ENG

A Dive into Luxury: Destination Analysis on Luxury Hotels along the French Riviera

The French Riviera remains at the peak of international hospitality, but is it due to more than just stellar views and a luxury experience?

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Expert - Ian Millar ENG

In the Mind of the Expert: Ian Millar

The Impact of Emerging Technologies in the Hospitality Industry

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dyk - vacation rentals

Vacation rentals are winning over the hearts (and wallets) of travelers

Vacation rentals and short-term apartments are revolutionizing the tourism and hospitality industries. Ten years ago, the main competition for hotels were B&Bs and timeshares, but in today’s marketplace, travelers have expressed their desire for a different type of accommodation.

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Destination rep ENG

Destinations and Reputation: Improve Visitor Sentiment by Maximizing Involvement

A destination’s online reputation does not only affect DMOs and tourism boards, but each and every business operating inside of that neighborhood, city, region or country. Hotels, restaurants and other operators involved in the visitor experience each play a unique role.

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Cover - Hicon 2019 b ENG

HICON Returns for its Second Edition!

HICON - the Hospitality Innovation Conference is returning for its Second Edition! Join us on December 5, 2019 at the Talent Garden Calabiana in Milan. This event will be entirely dedicated to discovering the most advanced technologies and innovations throughout the hospitality industry.

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dyk - cibo a domicilio in hotel ENG

Food Delivery and Your Hotel Suite: The Evolution of Room Service

Have you ever craved something other than what's on the mundane room service menu while pacing around your hotel suite? Ever wish you could instantly have hot pizza, sushi or tex-mex delivered right to your door? Ordering food delivery directly to your hotel room just got easier!

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dyk - airbnb and europe

Airbnb & Europe: A growing love affair

The connection between Airbnb and Europe, may be directly influenced by revenue, but there’s no doubt about the spark between the two!

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Cover TTG 2019 ENG

TTG 2019: Welcome to the Future of Tourism!

Mark your calendars! Italy’s largest travel event, TTG Travel Experience, is quickly approaching! The biggest marketplace for tourism in Italy, TTG attracts nearly 50,000 visitors from around the world every year. Travel Appeal is excited to announce our participation in the 2019 Edition from October 9th to 11th.

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Cover - Olimpiadi Milano Cortina ENG

Going for Gold: The Internet Reacts to the Milan-Cortina 2026 Olympics


The northern Italian cities of Milan and Cortina have been selected to host the 2026 Winter Olympics and though the games are over six years away, reviewers have wasted no time letting their opinions be heard online.

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Cover - Netherlands zoos Infographic-2

The Best of Alexanderplatz: Your mini-guide to the heart of Berlin!

What are the best hotels to stay in, restaurants to eat at, excursions to book and attractions to visit? It's all here in an exclusive infographic about Berlin!

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Infographic social post London Rooftop

Your Summer Guide to the Top London Restaurants

Whether your thermometer is in Celsius or Fahrenheit, summer is here and temperatures are on the rise! Being the data aficionados that we are, we dove into the reviews and online content to discover the top restaurants in London, just in time for summer vacation!

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Cover - Netherlands zoos Infographic-1

[Infographic] It’s a jungle out there! A data-lovers guide to the top zoos in the Netherlands

With summer in full swing, we’re employing our data analysis on the best attractions to visit and in-experiences to participate in. We recently explored the Top European In-Destination Experiences according to reviewers. 

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Takeaway - The impact of food and wine

The Impact of Food and Wine: How Homemade Pasta is Influencing Your Reputation

For restaurant, bar and cafe managers, properly managing online reviews is becoming increasingly crucial. The menu selection, wine list and even the table settings are often influenced by customer feedback and preferences.

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Dyn - The ultimate cook-off 4

The Ultimate Cook-off: Climb the rankings and surpass the competition!

In our latest blog, How does Big Data Affect the F&B Industry?, we explored the positive impact of big data in the food and beverage industry. Data-centric solutions allow both independent restaurants and large chains to evaluate their performance, understand customers, track competitors and analyze the market. Moreover, big data is the optimal business tool to help restaurants climb the rankings on the most popular channels.


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dyk - the surprising truth

The Surprising Truth Between Hotel Guests and Hospitality

Nothing has the power to make a hotel stay memorable and special like a genuine smile or an act of unexpected kindness.

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Takeaway - Partners in wine

Partners in Wine: Grapes, Reputation & AI

Big data and artificial intelligence are impacting the food and wine industry and the way operators are communicating with consumers.

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Success story - Puglia Promozione ENG

The Digital Reputation of Puglia: A Shared Story

Online reputation, digitalization and big data are no longer aspects that only hotels and individual tour operators are focusing on. Destinations are emerging as the most recent sector to take advantage of the latest innovations to develop their strategies and promote their region or city. In fact, the southern Italian region of Puglia is at the forefront of leveraging this technology to improve their reputation and attract more visitors.

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Destinations, Hospitality & Technology: A Dynamic Trio

In the Mind of the Expert: Robi Veltroni


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dyk - Big data F&B 6

How does Big Data Affect the F&B Industry?

Like the latest Michelin Star restaurants, big data is a hot topic in the Food and Beverage industry. But what exactly is big data and how is it impacting restaurants, bars and cafes alike?

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Dyk - Florence Tours 4

Reviews about Florence food tours & cooking classes skyrocket by 1500%

Florence, Italy attracts visitors from around the globe every day. Not only are these tourists checking off their bucket lists at the Uffizi Gallery and walking along the Ponte Vecchio at sunset, but they’re enjoying the regional foods and wines. In fact, tourists in the Tuscan capital are increasing their participation in cooking classes and food and wine tastings.

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The new Travel Appeal Webinar is here!

Travel Appeal is excited to announce the launch of Boost, our brand-new webinar!

Become inspired and discover the latest hospitality and technology insights. We invite businesses of any sector to join one of our mini courses and learn how to better manage online reputation, improve customer sentiment and monitor rates and competitors.

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marketing data driven ENG-1

Data-driven Marketing Increases Revenues and Reduces Expenses

Data is the perfect supplement for your company’s health. In a recent Google study with the prestigious Boston Consulting Group (BCG), experts reveal the impact of data-driven marketing (i.e. promotional strategies based on big data analysis) on organizations.

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Boost_blog post 1b

How to manage online reputation? BOOST! Episode #1

What you'll learn in this episode:

In this episode, we’ll focus on rankings, sentiment and reputation. You'll learn why climbing the rankings is so important and how market positioning can affect your business. 

  • The digital traveler: how he decides, how he buys and how he shares.
  • Does being first in the rankings really make a difference? From data’s point of view.
  • I want to be first in the rankings and attract more customers.

... It's not impossible, it's Travel Appeal! 

Boost, our free webinar, is the perfect opportunity to enrich your knowledge and better understand the hospitality industry. Become inspired by success stories of businesses similar to yours and discover features of our latest products, all led by an expert of the Travel Appeal team.

Join the webinar!

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Boost_blog post 2a

Higher revenues: not only a question of price. BOOST! Episode #2

What you'll learn in this episode:

In this episode, we’ll focus on prices and competitors. You'll learn how reputation impacts your revenues, pricing and positioning relative to competitors.

  • Create a value-based offer
  • Differentiate with value or succumb to the price
  • Improve your ranking, revenues and occupancy

... It's not impossible, it's Travel Appeal! 

Boost, our free webinar, is the perfect opportunity to enrich your knowledge and better understand the hospitality industry. Become inspired by success stories of businesses similar to yours and discover features of our latest products, all led by an expert of the Travel Appeal team.

Join the webinar!

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Boost_blog post 3a

Your business is ready to reach the stars: how to climb the rankings. BOOST! Episode #3

What you'll learn in this episode:

In this episode, we’ll focus on market knowledge. You'll learn how supply and demand can enhance your business. Analyze your reviews and climb the rankings.

  • Responding to reviews has never been easier!
  • Enhance your offer; present your business at it’s best and know each and every customer
  • Your competitors will no longer have secrets

... It's not impossible, it's Travel Appeal! 

Boost, our free webinar, is the perfect opportunity to enrich your knowledge and better understand the hospitality industry. Become inspired by success stories of businesses similar to yours and discover features of our latest products, all led by an expert of the Travel Appeal team.

Join the webinar!

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Travel Appeal Integrates 7 New PMS and 5 New Channels

Travel Appeal works around the clock. Each month, our platform is updated with new additions to offer the maximum performance to accommodation facilities, retail companies, restaurants, real estate agencies, destinations and more.

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Dyk - hyper connected ENG-1

How Hyper-Connected Customers are Reshaping Travel

“80% of guests are willing to share their information to get a more personalised stay” - Maud Bailly, Chief Digital Officer at AccorHotels

The emergence of mega-personalization and customized experiences is no surprise. What is shocking; however, is the customer’s demand for these offers. Hotel guests expect their stay to feel like home-away-from home and travelers now await personalized itinerary suggestions. Integrating technology and strategies that not only engage customers, but deeply connect with them, is now a necessity.


From hotels…

Hotels are incorporating data science and artificial intelligence to better understand their guests. Aberdeen Group Inc. reveals that organizations with the strongest customer engagement strategies retain an average of 89% of their customers, as compared to 33% retention for companies with weak omni-channel strategies.

As we explored in our A Look Back at 2018 post, many hotels began integrating technology that provides guests with a “digital receptionist”. Guests have the ability to order room service and request a variety of services all from the convenience of a mobile app or in-room tablet. Artificial intelligence is taking things one step further by remembering these preferences to replicate at future stays. AI technology is the new concierge by creating personalized suggestions and itineraries for travelers based on their demographics, behaviors and preferences.

Angie Hospitality explains that “59% of hoteliers think voice assistants can play a valuable role in increasing property revenues and 43% think voice could play a significant role in reducing labor costs and streamlining operations” yet “only 7% of hoteliers report having a voice strategy in place.” Moreover, “60% of guests think it is “very or extremely important” for hotels to continue investing in technology to enhance the guest experience [and] 49% of guests say their hotel selection is influenced by high-tech features in the guest room”.


To destinations…

Hotels are not the only industry welcoming these technologies. Destinations are also integrating AI to deepen the relationship with travelers. In fact, Visit Orlando was one of the first tourism boards to integrate artificial intelligence into their website and mobile app. This intelligence was able to directly respond to even the most specific and complex questions and requests of users.

Demand now influences supply as consumers are willingly paying for personalized experiences. Google Research reports, “57% of travelers feel that brands should tailor their information based on personal preferences or past behaviors” and that “if a travel brand tailored its information and overall trip experience based on personal preferences or past behavior, 36% would be likely to pay more for their services.”


Connect. Engage. Repeat.

Customer-centric strategies are integral for businesses. Following and engaging with your customers throughout their customer journey is a valuable practice for any hotelier, destination or business manager. It starts at the awareness level, when consumers first discover your brand. Follow them through their need, consideration, purchase and post-purchase stage. Ensure you are engaging with them and making their experience seamless, personalized and enjoyable.

Social media plays a crucial role for the hyper-connected guest. Consumers around the world are glued to their phones and the use of social channels to research hotels, flights and travel inspiration. To maximize engagement and connect more closely with your guests, download the FREE eBook: Hospitality in the Age of Social Media, the ultimate guide building the relationship with customers online.



Download the eBook!   

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Report-musei-ENG (1)

Italian Cultural Sites: Reviews and Visitor Satisfaction

In 2016, Travel Appeal began collaborating with the MiBAC to analyze the online brand reputation of 20 of the most prominent museums throughout Italy. Today, we continue our commitment to the cultural sector with the first report dedicated to the reputation of Italian cultural sites. Our founder and CEO, Mirko Lalli, presented the report at BTO 2019 during the panel Italian Museums, between online reputation and digital transformation“.

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In the Mind of the Expert: IHTF Takeaways

IHTF Takeaways: The Top Emerging Hospitality Trends

With IHTF, the International Hotel Technology Forum, coming to a close, we’re recapping the biggest takeaways. From preventing data breaches to leveraging guest data to hyperpersonalize the guest experience, IHTF was jam packed with the latest industry news, updates and trends.

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Six Trends Reshaping Online Shopping

Google searches, voice assistants and millennials. Uncover how the latest trends are revolutionizing online shopping!


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6 Trends Impacting Online Shopping in 2019

The internet is a complex network where every consumer moves on different paths - some simple, others more elaborate. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for business managers and marketers to understand each person’s behaviors and preferences.

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A Retail Revolution is Underway! Is your business ready?

Is your business embracing the ongoing retail revolution? Uncover the latest expert insights!


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A Digital Retail Revolution is Underway! Are You Ready?

In the Mind of the Expert: Giuseppe Stigliano


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How a local hotel chain improved their online reputation

Anytime we sit down with a hotelier, the same problem always arises: there’s no time to manage online reputation.

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Pasquetta-ENG (1)

Chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts. What’s the true face of Easter Monday?

Day trips, outdoor nature walks and family lunches. Easter Monday always brings to mind a charming and idyllic atmosphere.

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How the Internet Voices our Reaction to Disasters: The Case of Notre-Dame de Paris

How do people react in the face of global tragedies, such as the burning of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral?

Anger, frustration, condolences and prayers… Everything is poured onto social media and the internet like a flooding river. This phenomenon shapes our perceptions towards tragic events by not only making us more aware of what’s happening, but bringing us closer, even when we’re thousands of miles away.

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Thanks to Google, retail goes digital

‘Smart’ Solutions for Retailers are here! Google announces the launch of Google Cloud for Retail


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The Switzerland City You Didn't Expect: Why Travelers Love Montreux

Nestled in the Alps, less than 15 kilometers from the French border, the Swiss city of Montreux is a hidden gem for families, nature lovers and jazz enthusiasts.  

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A Chatbot for a Friend: the Unique Case of Best Western Italy

The Artificial Intelligence solution to convert the occasional traveler into a regular guest.

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Voice-Activated Technology Enhances the Shopping Experience


Walmart launches Voice Order. Shopping goes vocal!


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Chatbot, your newest employee

Meet your newest employee, Chatbot. He gets along with everyone, doesn't require lunch breaks and works around the clock.


The Future of Customer Engagement

Hospitality and customer engagement go hand-in-hand. From the pre-stay - enticing customers with promotions, Facebook ads, or weekly newsletters - to the post-stay - thank you emails and requests for reviews on TripAdvisor or Facebook - building the relationship with customers is invaluable and has never been so crucial.

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Locals vs. Travelers at Italian Cultural Sites

The overall visitor sentiment about Italian cultural sites is over 91%.


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The Insider's Guide to Promoting a Destination's Reputation

Travel Appeal has released our latest eBook, ‘The Insider’s Guide to Promoting a Destination’s Reputation’. We explore the truth between data and reality and reveal the key concepts behind a destination's reputation. You’ll also uncover the best tips to monitor brand reputation and increase visitor sentiment. Continue reading for a sneak peek!

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In the Mind of the Expert: Mirko Lalli


Blockchain: more security and protection for the travel industry

Over recent years, Blockchain has become one of the hottest topics in the technology industry, but what does this ubiquitous, buzzword really mean? We sat down with Mirko Lalli, CEO and Founder of Travel Appeal, to uncover how blockchain is impacting the tourism and hospitality sectors.

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Independent hotels... still too dependent on OTAs?

Independent hotels... Still too dependent on OTAs?


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Breaking Bread: The Top 8 Boulangeries in Paris

Travel Appeal’s Bread & Butter

Travel Appeal is gearing up for FoodHotelTech in Paris, so naturally we dove into the data to learn more about the French capital. By implementing our machine learning algorithm and semantic analysis methods, we investigated 8 of the top 10 Parisian boulangeries found in the Bonjour Paris blog post: And the Winner Is… The Best Baguette in Paris 2018.

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From Art Commissioner to TripAdvisor, the New Reputation of Museums

Virtual reality and multimedia experiences are not the only advanced technologies being integrated into museums. Sentiment analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence are also paving their way. With a newfound focus on brand reputation, data and cutting-edge technology are providing new methods of reputation management.

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[Infographic] Mon amour Experiences: Unstoppable Growth and Skyrocketing Sentiment

Each journey is an adventure; a continuous and exciting discovery to be enriched in a unique and personal way. Travelers, after booking flights and hotels, plan activities to fully experience a destination.

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The relationship between credibility and negative reviews


What's the relationship between brand credibility and negative reviews? Proper brand reputation management is key to becoming authentic and vulnerable


La gestione della brand reputation rende il brand più credibile

“Brand credibility is the general public perception and trust associated with your brand”. Credibility is the key to getting more customers and more profits, but as Thrive Global - the community of well-known American journalist, Arianna Huffington, explains - credibility can not be bought. You can only make money with authenticity and vulnerability. Vulnerability, in this case, means being willing to accept and manage even the negative reviews.

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The future of museums


Museums of the Future: Technological, Interactive and Engaging

Musei e tecnologia

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Experiences & Virtual Reality: The Future of Museums is Here

Swim in a Van Gogh painting, get up close to rare Sumatran tiger, uncover what lays inside an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus... These are not dreams, but exciting possibilities created by new museum technologies.

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ITB Event-1

Travel Appeal is going to ITB Berlin!

Berlin Bound! Travel Appeal is excited to announce our participation at ITB Berlin from March 6th to 10th.

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A Data-Lovers Guide to the Top 10 Hip Hotels in Berlin

What makes a hotel trendy?

Gearing up for ITB Berlin, Travel Appeal was curious about where to stay. Working in the hospitality industry, we love researching the coolest hotels in the destinations we’re traveling to.

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Travel Appeal Glossary

Application Programming Interface (API) – a documented interface which allows one software application to interact with another application

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A Journey through Digital Transformation: Ostello Bello Milano

Ostello Bello Milan has been rated the #1 Hostel in Italy by Hostelworld!

Ostello Bello, located in the heart of Milan, has been awarded the #1 Hostel in Italy by Hostelworld. The group, which encompasses 8 hostels around the world, has also earned the recognition of the #1 Hostel Chain in the World.

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Amsterdam cover pic3

[Infographic] Top 5 restaurants in Amsterdam – according to Italians vs. Germans

Italians and Germans are known to have contradictory national cuisines, but do their tastes and palates follow them while traveling abroad their home countries?

With over 8.3 million visitors over the past year, Amsterdam is emerging as one of the top destinations in Europe. There’s no doubt the city is home to some of the top restaurants in Europe, but does everyone share the same opinion about which ones are best?

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Expert - Antonio Pezzano ENG

The 5 Italian Tourism Trends of 2019 You Need to Know


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Dyk - hyper connected ENG

The Hyper-Connected Guest Experience

How Hyper-Connected Guests are Reshaping Travel

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OTAs penalize hotels with a lower price on their site


OTAs penalize hotels that show a lower rate on their site or on another portal. This applies to both Booking.com and Expedia.

The Center for European Economic Research (ZEW) confirms one of the hotelier’s greatest fears. The research "Hotel Rankings of Online Travel Agents, Channel Pricing and Consumer Protection" demonstrates the legitimacy of this behavior towards hotels, affecting not only the hotelier, but also travelers.

Read the full story...

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Rating, Ranking & Reputation - The 3 R's You Should Know

Customer reviews have become a currency for businesses. Not only do the vast majority of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business, eating at a restaurant or booking a hotel, but they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. The online review is invaluable, but why exactly?

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Airbnb Has Held Talks to Buy Hotel Tonight

“Airbnb Inc. has held talks to acquire hotel-booking site Hotel Tonight Inc.”

The Wall Street Journal reveals that informal talks were held for the acquisition by Airbnb of Hotel Tonight, a mobile app for last minute hotel discounts. According to the magazine, Airbnb needs to gain credibility in the eyes of investors to show that they can push beyond their core-business strategies, related to short-term rentals.

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10years - cover pic blog

Travel Appeal Takes on the #10YearChallenge

Travel Appeal takes on the #10yearchallenge in the hospitality and tourism industries. Let’s explore the ten biggest differences over the past decade.

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What travelers want in the moment, requires a more tailored approach to marketing than what’s currently offered



"What travelers want in the moment, requires a more tailored approach to marketing than what’s currently offered."

Skift reveals how businesses are using technology to offer the most personalized experience for travelers. Personalization in travel is omnipresent. The technology to offer personalized experiences is becoming available at a global level. Demographic, psychographic, CRM and loyalty data are combined to predict which travelers to target, at what time and on which channels.

Read the full story...

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Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 10.36.17

Travel Appeal’s Predictions for 2019

From Brexit to automated room service, Travel Appeal predicts the 10 top hospitality and travel trends for 2019.


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Hospitality in the Age of Social Media eBook


In Part 1 of Hospitality in the Age of Social Media, we explored how to build social communities, increase followers and understand which category they fall into. Part 2 will uncover how to engage these social users and transform them from followers to advocates.


Create Relevant Content

By now you’ve grown your social channel communities and pinpointed your audience members into different follower types. 
Now it’s time to nurture them.

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Hospitality in the Age of Social Media: Part 1

So you’ve created social media accounts and your business is active online. But what’s next?

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Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 10.43.26

A look back at 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, Travel Appeal is taking some time to reflect on the past year. We want to share some of our favorite trends and the biggest changes we’ve seen in the hospitality, tourism and technology industries.

Naturally, one of the most significant and continuous trends from 2018 is the widespread use of mobile devices within tourism. In the travel and hospitality industries, the use of smartphones to search for and book trips has undoubtedly increased. Booking.com revealed that 80% of customers search for information on their own mobile devices (TechRadar). Additionally, Sojern Global Travel Insights found that 40% of travel searches in Europe are conducted on a mobile device. Trusted channels to search for destinations, hotels and restaurants have also evolved this year.

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The Online Evolution of Mountain Destinations

An overheating climate and increasing ski-pass prices. Culture and deseasonalization. SLONs (snow lovers, no skiers) and diversification of supply.

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Google hotel search results test ‘price insights'

Google hotel search results test ‘price insights’. Google could soon tell travellers if they are getting a good deal for a specific hotel.

Google is now testing “price insights” in its hotel search listing results. This new feature show a searcher if they are getting a good deal or not for a specific hotel, date range and hotel they are looking at. Google might show you a box that reads “this hotel costs more than similar hotels nearby.”
Read the full story...

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Travel appeal is growing in North Europe

Travel appeal is growing in North Europe with Retail Result 

Travel Appeal and Retail Result-the Dutch expert of Hospitality oriented marketing and sales- signed an important distribution partnership with the aim to expand the digital travel offering in the European market.

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All 2018 Travel Appeal Event


Follow Travel Appeal in each of its upcoming 2018 events

Next Upcoming Event:

ITB Berlin
7-11 March 2018
Messe Berlin,
You can find us in the hall 6.1, stand n. 152 at Messe Berlin, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
>> Find out more about the event!
>>Request an appointment!!

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Italy Sentiment - Focus on German travellers

Migliaia di recensioni provenienti da TripAdvisor, Booking.com e Expedia tra ottobre 2015-2016, provano che i viaggiatori tedeschi sono quelli che recensiscono di più le strutture ricettive italiane. La Germania è quindi il principale mercato per il turismo italiano e la soddisfazione degli ospiti tedeschi che alloggiano nelle strutture italiane è di circa il 79% (Sentiment positivo). Il primo Paese per numero di recensioni; il quinto per soddisfazione degli ospiti tra i Paesi che maggiormente recensiscono le strutture italiane.

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[ebook] 12 Tips for Direct Booking

  • Learn how to deal with Parity Rate
  • Learn how to build a Dynamic Pricing strategy
  • Earn from Free Cancellation Policy
  • Boost the Direct Revenue from your Website
    .... and much more!

In partnership with Officina Turistica.

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