Say hello to Brand Monitoring, the latest Travel Appeal feature

Say hello to Brand Monitoring, the latest Travel Appeal feature

Right now, there’s a former customer discussing your property online and a future guest making their decision based on that feedback...


The reputation of your property, business or destination is no longer evolving on review channels alone, but social networks and the entire internet!

Travel Appeal has released Brand Monitoring, the latest feature available for the Hotel and Group DashboardWith Brand Monitoring, track everything that’s being posted about your property, brand and destination on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, online forums and discussion groups and the entire internet - in real time!

The Brand Monitoring tool never sleeps. It analyzes social networks 24 hours a day, so you can understand the presence of your brand or destination at a glance.


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Leverage your social presence and destination to boost your digital image!


  • Select the hashtags, keywords and mentions that you want to monitor, or let the system suggest the best ones tailored for your business or destination
  • Activate the geolocation function to discover the latest content posted within 100 meters from your property, stay up-to-date and take advantage of the latest trends
  • Uncover which influencers have discussed your business or destination - boost your reputation with the most popular social media personalities
  • Web listening - access a summary of social content, the top keyword trends and the most popular content on Instagram

Experience a holistic overview of how your property is perceived online and on social media. Brand Monitoring doesn't miss a thing, and now you won’t either!

Discover more about Brand Monitoring. Try Travel Appeal for 14 days - free!

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