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Breaking Bread: The Top 8 Boulangeries in Paris

Breaking Bread: The Top 8 Boulangeries in Paris

Travel Appeal’s Bread & Butter

Travel Appeal is gearing up for FoodHotelTech in Paris, so naturally we dove into the data to learn more about the French capital. By implementing our machine learning algorithm and semantic analysis methods, we investigated 8 of the top 10 Parisian boulangeries found in the Bonjour Paris blog post: And the Winner Is… The Best Baguette in Paris 2018.

After selecting our top 8 Parisian bakeries, we analyzed the total amount of feedback, average customer sentiment (satisfaction level), and reviewer demographics. We then compared satisfaction levels between locals and non-locals and uncovered the most appreciated aspects of each bakery.

We analyzed the following boulangeries to uncover the insights from customer feedback.

  • Thierry Marx - La Boulangerie
  • Le Grenier a Pain
  • Maison Landemaine Martyrs
  • Maison Arnaud Delmontel
  • Au Duc De La Chapelle Paris
  • Boulangerie 2M
  • Au Levain des Pyrénées
  • Le Puits d’Amour


Download the Infographic to Uncover the Breadwinners!

  • Who rises supreme as the “most notorious” with the most reviews and online content?
  • Which Boulangerie was most appreciated by locals?
  • And who takes the cake as the “most international” boulangerie with guests coming from 22 different countries in the last year?


The Upper Crust

The takeaway we found to be the most interesting was the general satisfaction compared between locals and non-locals. Download the infographic below to discover the insights between the French and foreigner sentiment levels.


Know your Customers, Manage your Reputation. 

Deeply understanding customer satisfaction is crucial for any business manager. Knowing the sentiment levels between demographics is a competitive advantage any business can leverage. By personalizing the customer experience based on your client’s demographics and sentiment, your business can generate more positive reviews and feedback to climb the rankings against competitors.


Sentiment Analysis Designed for You

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Download the infographic to discover the most Notorious, International and Authentic breadwinners!

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