Chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts. What’s the true face of Easter Monday?

Chocolate bunnies and Easter egg hunts. What’s the true face of Easter Monday?

Day trips, outdoor nature walks and family lunches. Easter Monday always brings to mind a charming and idyllic atmosphere.

So we asked ourselves, how is the long awaited Easter Monday reviewed online? Are expectations met or exceeded, or did they perhaps fall short?

Thanks to the advanced AI technology of Travel Appeal, IDD conducted a research study about reviews posted online during Easter last year with a specific reference to “Pasquetta”, ‘Easter Monday’ in Italian.

Our analysis focused on three types of specific experiences: restaurants, agriturismos and parks/gardens, which unsurprisingly, are among the most popular topics discussed on Google relating to Easter Monday.


What are the most reviewed and appreciated experiences for travelers?

Of the reviews that include ‘Pasquetta’, an extensive 94% discuss restaurants. A predictable fact, considering most users never miss an opportunity to publicize their culinary experience and moreover, don’t know there are channels to review agriturismos and parks online.

However, among the categories examined, restaurants recorded the lowest average satisfaction (78.3%) relative to Easter Monday. Meanwhile, those who spent the day surrounded by nature at parks and gardens appear to be the most happy with their choice, as evidenced by an average sentiment of 82,1%.


Does time deflate disappointment or diminish euphoria?

In analyzing the sentiment surrounding Easter Monday reviews, we have identified a curious trend. Most reviews (78% of the total) are published within a week of the experience/activity date.

Interestingly, the sentiment of reviews published on the day of Easter Monday is not very high (77.1% for restaurants and 78.6% for parks). However, parks record more positive comments as the days pass. In fact, the sentiment increases 5.7 points. Perhaps it’s because the initial dissatisfaction fades and negative feedback is reduced in the days between Easter Monday and the day of publication.

On the contrary, when the average sentiment is very positive on the day of publication, as in the case of agriturismos (82.2%), the passing of the days tends to diminish the satisfaction. 

To better understand what makes reviewers happy on Easter Monday, we’ve analyzed specific reviews and online posts written about restaurants, agriturismos and parks. A varied scenario emerged; however, there are some recurring themes...



Long waits, fixed menus and high costs are the main reasons for the discontent of those who spent Easter Monday at restaurants.

"Bad is an understatement...
We spent Easter Monday at the only place that was not crowded. It's easy to understand why, considering after 40 minutes servers had yet to bring us drinks..."

But there were also those who admited it could be their own fault:

"Maybe we made a mistake...
We had lunch on Easter Monday in the city invaded by tourists. Precisely for this reason, I don't feel like criticizing the place too much..."

And the rare experience that exceeded expectations:

"Pasquetta Top...
Invited by relatives and friends, I was very wary, given the particular day. Instead I changed my mind."



However, those choosing to spend the day at agriturismos reveal their pleasant discovery.

"I will return...
An agriturismo immersed in the serene countryside, a charming place where you can breathe the freshness of nature..."



Lastly, those who chose to spend Easter Monday in the park did not regret their choice.

"Easter Monday!...
Easter Monday with friends, spent in this magnificent park full of flowers, tulips and animals..."


Easter Monday: is it an idyllic dream or mediocre disappointment? Share your Pasquetta experiences!