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Data Appeal Partners with Hoist Group to Power Hotels with Next-Generation Technology

Data Appeal Partners with Hoist Group to Power Hotels with Next-Generation Technology

The Data Appeal Company, one of the most innovative customer perception and geospatial data providers, has entered into a strategic partnership with Hoist Group, provider of the widest range of hospitality technology in EMEA.

Founded in 2014, Data Appeal offers innovative and diverse solutions to aid businesses, across a variety of industries, uncover their competitive advantage, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue by leveraging human experience data and artificial intelligence technology. Their subsidiary, Travel Appeal, is entirely dedicated to hospitality and tourism. 

In partnering with Hoist Group, Data Appeal will open their unique, data-driven platform to all hotels across Hoist’s portfolio. Through this partnership, E-reputation indicators are included in Hoist Dashboard by default. This allows hoteliers to get actionable insights relating to hotel’s internal operations (PMS, Guest usage and technology monitoring) as well as external reputation driven by guests’ experiences. The Travel Appeal Dashboard enables hoteliers to monitor, analyze and manage all incoming reviews and social posts from guests across dozens of online channels. It helps improve the guest’s perception of any individual or hotel or entire brand.  

Data Appeal has mapped over 2 million Points of Interest and analyzes 300 million pieces of online content daily from over 100 sources across Europe and the Americas. The Hoist Dashboard serves a wide range of hotels across Europe, Middle East and Africa. It brings easy to access, easy to understand and easy to action insights for Hotel Owners, GMs, and those who lead your Tech Infrastructure, Marketing, Operations, and Housekeeping.

Together, Data Appeal and Hoist Group will integrate their systems to simplify hotelier operations and provide seamless and efficient hotel management, resulting in increased revenues and improved guest satisfaction.  


We’re very excited to enter this partnership with Hoist Group. We were looking for an innovative partner to supplement our solutions for the hospitality industry. Hoist Group is constantly evolving technologically and they deeply understand all aspects of hotelier operations. Their innovative digital solutions will greatly enhance the value of our offer.

Mirko Lalli, Travel Appeal’s CEO and Founder


“Hoist Group has been catering to thousands of hotels across a wide geography for over two decades. Our systems process a large database to produce valuable insights to hospitality businesses. Partnering with Data Appeal not only boosts our ability to deliver valuable insights but also stands testimony to our belief in an ecosystem-based value model.” 

Marc Valentin, CIO - Hoist Group 


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Data Appeal

The Data Appeal Company collects, monitors and interprets a unique combination of geolocation data, online feedback, purchasing behaviours and industry trends. They offer an ecosystem of products, including data-driven Reports, Chatbots and Dashboards for Individual and Chain Hotels looking to understand both the granular details and obtain a holistic overview of their properties and brand. Their data-driven solutions leverage Location and Experience Intelligence to deeply understand any businesses clientele and access their own services.

Data Appeal’s proprietary KPIs – including Sentiment Score, Covid Safety Index, and the Fair Index – have enabled customer-facing businesses with actionable insights to uncover hidden opportunities and mitigate risk. 

Hoist Group

Hoist Group provides technology solutions to hotels, enabling them to manage coherent end-to-end digital journeys for their guests. Hoist Group optimizes guest services by correlating and analyzing the data that comes from its innovative Property Management & Booking Software, Managed IP Networks, Internet and TV Content as well as from many other digital touchpoints. Headquartered in Stockholm with 20 offices across EMEA, Hoist Group has 500 dedicated staff serving over 8,000 unique hotels.- www.hoistgroup.com