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Hospitality in the Age of Social Media eBook

Hospitality in the Age of Social Media eBook


Download the free eBook and explore how your hotel or accomodation can build social communities, increase followers and better understand guests' needs. Uncover tips and tricks to engage social users and transform them from follower to  advocate!

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So you’ve created social media accounts and your business is active online. But what’s next?


Grow Your Community

The fundamental starting point is to build your following and grow your community. Start with your contacts, the people you know. Invite and encourage them to like and share your pages and posts. Ensure your website and emails have banners, social media icons and links to your social profiles.


Who’s Who: From the Utilitarian to the Influencer

Now that you have attracted your initial audience, it’s time to determine exactly who’s who. We will focus on the most important ones for your channels: The Influencers, The Casual Readers, The Active Users and Loyal Followers. Knowing which category your followers fit into is imperative for marketing operations.



Enhance Reputation with Data, Analytics and Insights

The more you engage, the bigger your community. The bigger the community, the more customers you will receive! Maximize your social profiles - engage with your followers and respond to their questions. Building relationships with your clients leads to greater satisfaction and loyalty.


Create Relevant Content

By now you’ve created your social channel communities and pinpointed your audience members into different follower types. Now it’s time to nurture them.


Engage, Respond, Repeat

Building rapport with customers is invaluable - both on and offline. Clients who feel listened to and appreciated will not only turn into repeat customers, but spread the word and become advocates of your brand.


From Follower to Advocate

To stimulate advocacy, encourage clients to share their experiences with friends, family and colleagues. If you take care of your clients, they will become loyal and customer loyalty is the ultimate goal.

Download the eBook!   


Understand Your Customers to Increase Your Online Reputation!

Reputation is more than reviews, it’s knowing how to effectively communicate your offer to potential and existing customers. Travel Appeal has leading edge technology which analyses what your customers love, what you can improve and how you stack up against competitors. Dedicated to independent and chain hotels, B&Bs, and any accomodation, Travel Appeal is the only tool that analyses your data and provides advice on how to improve your reputation and turnover. Learn more today!