Travel Appeal Integrates 7 New PMS and 5 New Channels

Travel Appeal Integrates 7 New PMS and 5 New Channels

Travel Appeal works around the clock. Each month, our platform is updated with new additions to offer the maximum performance to accommodation facilities, retail companies, restaurants, real estate agencies, destinations and more.

These additions allow businesses to master their online reputation and market positioning against competitors. Integrating platforms, such as PMS (property management systems), offers a more streamlined, flexible and faster management process of an entire business.

The New PMS to Connect to Your Dashboard

Travel Appeal can be connected to your PMS, for free!

Our Chatbot, Conversations, can be integrated with your hotel inventory. Send your evaluation questionnaires directly to guests from our platform and much more.

Today, the connection with the Impala system has allowed Travel Appeal to connect in 1-way or 2-way mode with 7 new property management systems (PMS).

  • Oracle Hospitality (1-way)
  • Mews (1-way or 2-ways)
  • Protel (1-way)
  • Guestline (1-way or 2-ways)
  • Oracle Hospitality Suite 8 (1-way)
  • Sihot (1-way)
  • Clock (1-way or 2-ways)

In the coming weeks, the following platforms will also integrate with the Impala system: innQuest, infor and Host PMS.

TrustPilot and New Review Channels are Coming

Travel Appeal gathers data from hundreds of online channels to collect reviews and other related content to identify the perception of your brand online.

Whether you manage a hotel, a chain of shops, restaurant or any other type of business, understand your brand reputation down to the last detail. This month, we added 5 new channels to our analysis.

  • Design my night
  • Squaremeal
  • Trustpilot

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