Destinations and Reputation: Improve Visitor Sentiment by Maximizing Involvement

Destinations and Reputation: Improve Visitor Sentiment by Maximizing Involvement

A destination’s online reputation does not only affect DMOs and tourism boards, but each and every business operating inside of that neighborhood, city, region or country. Hotels, restaurants and other operators involved in the visitor experience each play a unique role.

For this reason, monitoring, analyzing and improving the brand reputation of a destination is invaluable and requires specific tools and full collaboration.


Listening = Improving

To improve traveler satisfaction, listening is an essential first step. Before posting on Facebook, investing in a marketing campaign or printing new brochures, you first need to understand what travelers visiting your destination appreciate, what services they want and what they criticize. By knowing these details, your destination can take targeted actions and make strategic investments to increase tourism flows and its market positioning.

By leveraging technology to monitor and analyze brand reputation, your destination can uncover exactly what visitors want and expect. The Travel Appeal Dashboard is a platform that collects, analyzes and measures online feedback and reviews, in real time, on all major review channels and social media sites.

Once the overall situation has been understood, it’s essential to involve each operator of the destination.


Involving all Operators: A 3-Step Process

Hotels, restaurants, museums and retail shops each play a key role in a destination’s brand reputation.
When a hotel is known for their stellar reputation, they contribute to the overall improvement and reputation of the destination.

However, it’s not always easy to align each operator as they generally do not have sufficient information and tools to understand their weight in a destination’s overall reputation.

The Italian region of Puglia, which has boosted their reputation and welcomed a surge of visitors in recent years, has developed a winning strategy for involving operators in 3 simple steps:

  1. To Educate
  2. To Involve
  3. To Reward

"We wanted tourism operators to understand that reputation depends on the way in which each one of us welcomes customers; and if they act accordingly, we can all improve the welcoming of Puglia as a whole”, states Bianca Bronzino, Innovation Officer at Pugliapromozione Regional Tourism Agency.

Pugliapromozione has taken advantage of the Travel Appeal Destination Dashboard in a completely new and strategic way. With the Report tool, users can generate customized, automatic reports in just a few minutes.

"Travel Appeal reports have helped operators be even more aware of their online reputation. They are such a useful and appreciated service, that sometimes we get requests from other operators who want one too!”

Since integrating the Travel Appeal Destinations Dashboard, Puglia has achieved a Global Sentiment Score of over 86% (uncover all the details in their Customer Story).


Custom reports designed to predict, analyze and improve

The Dashboard is a great tool to monitor the sentiment of a destination, while tailor-made Reports are designed to dig deeper into the data and optimize strategies to boost results.

The most successful destinations rely on data for detailed analyses of the behaviors and preferences of their target markets. Data also aids managers and marketers in making comparisons with competitor destinations.

This type of reliable data can be found in our customized reports, specifically made for destinations. Here are a few of our latest destination analyses:


If you’re working with or for a tourist destination and would like to learn more about Travel Appeal’s customized Reports, contact us today. Our experts are ready to answer your call or email!