Hospitality in the Age of Social Media eBook

Hospitality in the Age of Social Media eBook


In Part 1 of Hospitality in the Age of Social Media, we explored how to build social communities, increase followers and understand which category they fall into. Part 2 will uncover how to engage these social users and transform them from followers to advocates.


Create Relevant Content

By now you’ve grown your social channel communities and pinpointed your audience members into different follower types. 
Now it’s time to nurture them.

Nurturing your followers can happen from a variety of touch points. 
Throughout the eBook we’ll focus on social media hashtags, ads and campaigns.

If you are a hotel, motivate your customers to “check-in” on their social media channels when they check-in to your hotel. Create hashtags (something fun like #vacationstartshere is a great option if most of your guests are vacationers).


Engage, Respond, Repeat

Building rapport with customers is invaluable - both on and offline. Clients who feel listened to and appreciated will not only turn into repeat customers, but spread the word and become advocates of your brand.

Create content for your social channels. Anything from an employee feature to promoting sales and promotions will generate engagement. Don’t be surprised when your followers respond. Reply! Customers love to feel special, it’s human nature. They want to feel as though they are receiving exclusive offers and attention. By speaking directly to and connecting with your followers, your brand will appear more personal.


From Follower to Advocate

To stimulate advocacy, encourage clients to share their experiences with friends, family and colleagues. If you take care of your clients, they will become loyal. Customer loyalty is the ultimate goal. Not only will they choose you over the competitors, they will defend your reputation.

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