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Partners in Wine: Grapes, Reputation & AI

Partners in Wine: Grapes, Reputation & AI

Big data and artificial intelligence are impacting the food and wine industry and the way operators are communicating with consumers.

This theme will be discussed in greater detail at the Food & Wine Tourism Forum, an event dedicated to the future of the food and wine industry. To confirm this trend, we investigated the perception and reputation of Tuscan wine by investigating exactly what people are sharing online.

By implementing our machine learning algorithm, we analyzed over 41 thousand pieces of online content (reviews, photos, videos, social posts, etc.) to understand the online perception and value of Tuscan wines. We uncovered insights about the most reviewed vs. favorite brands, top hashtags and more!

Did you know that 61% of online content about wine is in the form of online reviews? On the other hand, 39% is in the form of social posts and 78% of posts include both images and text.

Moreover, the maximum peaks of online content related to Tuscan wines occur between August and October.

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Which wines are discussed the most? Check out the top 5 wines reviewed online.

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Uncover the potential of big data for food and beverage brands and entire destinations.

Discover more about the online reputation of Tuscan wine, including reviewer demographics, top social channels, favorite hashtags and more! Complete the form below and download the free report!