Pick of the Week 66 - Does a restaurant's reputation rely on food authenticity?

Pick of the Week 66 - Does a restaurant's reputation rely on food authenticity?


Does a restaurant's reputation rely on food authenticity?




By analyzing over 17 million reviews of restaurants, accommodations and experiences across Italy, Travel Appeal has uncovered the latest trends about which factors influence positive and negative customer feedback and which dishes are most discussed. Did you know that 93% of all reviews discussing homemade desserts and pastries receive 4 or 5 stars? Investing in homemade, quality food is a big contributor in improving the brand reputation. Download the free report to discover more insights!

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Ready. Set. Go! Gen Z is pushing the limits of the travel industry




“Gen Z, those between the ages of 16 and 24, is coming of age and is taking steps (and trips) to discover the world. From ambitious 10-year bucket lists and travel plans, to striking the right balance between travel and other life goals, Gen Z’ers are planning a life well-traveled.” Booking.com reveals that 39% of Gen Z travelers plan to visit at least three different continents over the next 10 years. Moreover, 56% want to experience an adventure like paragliding or bungee jumping. Travel marketers should pay specific attention to this generation as they are not the travelers of the future, but the present.

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Nature Holidays Rock! Google releases their latest summer travel trends




What are travelers looking for during their European summer escape? To keep travel marketers up to date, Google has analysed travel-related searches in the first quarter of 2019 versus 2018 to uncover the latest insights. Vacationers are quite budget-savvy, as they consistently search for luggage dimensions and costs. They’re also researching travel deals and cheap flights. However, one particular find is that travelers are planning to get closer to nature. Camping, forest and nature reserves are among the most researched topics.

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Hotels vs. OTAs: What you need to know about the latest Booking.com rates




Direct bookings versus OTAs… A tale as old as time. Officina Turistica’s hospitality and tourism expert, Robi Veltroni, reveals the risks about Booking.com’s latest discounted rates. After the fall of the parity rate, Booking.com has started offering discounts on pre-paid bookings, cutting its own commissions, while the hoteliers are left in the dark. By consistently offering the cheapest rates, Booking.com is preventing the rise of direct bookings

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