Pick of the Week 69 - TripAdvisor vows to remain transparent in the clash of fake reviews

Pick of the Week 69 - TripAdvisor vows to remain transparent in the clash of fake reviews



TripAdvisor vows to remain transparent in the clash of fake reviews

False reviews have always been taboo at the TripAdvisor house, but the review giant has finally decided to shed some light on the topic. In their latest report, dedicated to the transparency of reviews, they reveal the hard facts. Each and every review goes through advanced moderation checks to avoid fraud. The result? Nearly 5% of reviews were rejected or removed this year and only 2.1% were false, with over 36,000 businesses receiving penalties for buying reviews. TripAdvisor does not hesitate to call into question the less criticized sites, like Facebook and eBay "TripAdvisor also devotes substantial resources towards the fight against paid reviewers. Paid reviewers are individuals or companies that try to sell “user” reviews on either their own websites or on sites like eBay, Facebook and Fiverr.”

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The future of hospitality technology is here!

"AI and big data are extremely beneficial for hoteliers to gain insights about what’s happening, in real time. They also make it possible to centralise data, optimising hotel operations”, reveals Ian Miller, Senior Lecturer at Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne. In our latest In the Mind of the Expert blog post, Ian shares his insights on the future of hospitality technology. 5G, smart hotels and natural language processing are here to stay and hoteliers must quickly adapt or risk falling behind.

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Hoteliers and online reputation: "Stop complaining, dedicate yourself to customers!"

How can hoteliers prevent a tarnished digital image? Create a modus operandi to generate positive reviews and prevent the negative ones. Hotelier Emanuele Papi reveals how he obtained a stellar reputation in the latest Officina Turistica hotelier series.“We need to move from managing reputation to creating reputation. This allowed me to reach a solid 9.1 on Booking.com and significantly increase turnover and margins.”

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Travel Appeal releases location intelligence analysis on luxury hospitality

The French Riviera remains at the peak of international hospitality, but is it due to more than just stellar views and a luxury experience? In our latest Destination Analysis, Travel Appeal analysts uncover the true perceptions of luxury hospitality along the Cote d’Azur. We analyzed over 17,000 customer reviews published over the last two years in relation to 15 hospitality properties recommended in international publications. Download the free analysis to uncover the true Sentiment levels of guests, which aspects are most discussed and which hotels stand out from the rest!

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