Pick of the Week 70 - Destination Storytelling: How can you really inspire travellers?

Pick of the Week 70 - Destination Storytelling: How can you really inspire travellers?



Destination Storytelling: How can you really inspire travellers?

“Great stories move us. They have the power to tap into our emotions and inspire a sense of wanderlust… [but] how can Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) tell stories that move people?” Skift and Brand USA set out to find out how with their latest interactive guide about Destination Storytelling. It’s a rich collection of success stories, strategies and expert recommendations. By creating extraordinary stories, travelers will feel inspired to book their next trip. 65% of professionals, “agree that telling personal, local stories is a better content strategy than focusing on highlighting beautiful imagery and locations within a destination.”

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Welcome Meng-Mei Maggie Chen to the Hicon 2019 Stage!

We’re excited to welcome Meng-Mei Maggie Chen to the second edition of Hicon, the only event entirely dedicated to innovation and hospitality. Chen is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Ecole Hôtelière in Lausanne, Switzerland. Both an expert and passionate about hospitality, tourism marketing, consumer behavior and technology, Chen also works on consulting projects, conferences and publications. Her fields of study range from decision-making and online consumer behavior to digital marketing, mobile and distribution channel marketing. Don’t miss her speech at Hicon on December 5 at the Talent Garden Calabiana in Milan!

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Blockchain increases security and transparency in travel

Luca de Giglio, a lifelong entrepreneur and digital nomad, explains Trips Community, a new peer-to-peer booking platform for non-hotel accommodations. “With blockchain, there are no interested third parties” - says De Giglio - “meaning that transactions and reviews can never be modified or deleted.” He also reveals that “each day, workers in the tourism sector manage huge amounts of money and data. By leveraging blockchain, tourism businesses will have more security.”

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Avoid the top hotel complaints and build a stellar reputation!

We’ve analyzed over 1.7 million reviews about hotels throughout Italy to uncover the 10 most common reasons why guests are complaining online. Uncover tips from hoteliers and experts in our latest, free eBook and learn how to prevent negative feedback while managing expectations of hotel guests. You’ll find up-to-date data, real stories and practical solutions to help you avoid client disappointment and negative reviews. Download the free eBook and start improving the online reputation of your hotel today! 

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