The future of museums

The future of museums


Museums of the Future: Technological, Interactive and Engaging

Musei e tecnologia

The future of museums is already here. Augmented reality, mobile apps, virtual reality and multimedia tools are revolutionizing the visitor experience. Today you can meet an endangered Sumatran tiger or examine an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus. Travel Appeal takes you on a journey from the Guggenheim in NYC to the Archaeological Museum in Naples.

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See you in Berlin!

Travel Appeal is participating at ITB Berlin from March 6 - 10. This year, the world’s leading travel trade show focuses on environmental sustainability, the future of mobility, over-tourism and the evolution of customer demand. It’s an excellent opportunity to say hello to the Travel Appeal experts and discuss brand reputation management!

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Destination Marketing: VisitFlanders is at the top of the DMO game!

Destination Marketing: la strategia di VisitFlanders

Giovanna Sainaghi, DMO manager of "VisitFlanders" Italy since 2011, reveals the path of adapting its offer to a constantly evolving market. Exclusively for Officina Turistica, Sainaghi discloses the radical change VisitFlanders is undergoing, which involves everyone from tour operators and businesses to entrepreneurs and residents. These protagonists are enhancing the destination as they feel like an active part of the tourism ecosystem and want to make it flourish!

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Organizing a trip can be stressful… Here’s the best practices for online booking

Viaggiatori digitali secondo Google

Alex Dichter, Senior Partner at McKinsey, reveals the dominant characteristics of today's digital traveler. On the Google 3 blog, he shares how the digital traveler feels overwhelmed by the vast online selection and often starts and stops their search, jumping from one device to another. How can businesses beat this trend to offer their products and services? Dichter shares the best tips for easy browsing and buying.

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