The relationship between credibility and negative reviews

The relationship between credibility and negative reviews


What's the relationship between brand credibility and negative reviews? Proper brand reputation management is key to becoming authentic and vulnerable


La gestione della brand reputation rende il brand più credibile

“Brand credibility is the general public perception and trust associated with your brand”. Credibility is the key to getting more customers and more profits, but as Thrive Global - the community of well-known American journalist, Arianna Huffington, explains - credibility can not be bought. You can only make money with authenticity and vulnerability. Vulnerability, in this case, means being willing to accept and manage even the negative reviews.

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Airbnb acquires HotelTonight


Airbnb acquisisce HoteTonight

On March 7, Airbnb officially confirmed the purchase of HotelTonight, a mobile application allowing users to book hotels last minute at affordable prices. With this decision, Airbnb not only increases its value in the eyes of shareholders, but moves further away from the shared-economy model from which they started. 

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Artainment and the Evolution of Museums... Art meets new digital technologies


Musei, nuove tecnologie e intrattenimento: l'arteinment


"Artainment", as the name reveals, is the fusion between art and entertainment. Digital technologies are shaping new museum experiences, which favor the spectacle and emotional involvement of the visitor. An article by Blooloop, a site dedicated to tourist attractions, reveals some of the most striking examples of artainment, from Marco Balich's theatrical show dedicated to Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel to the extraordinary Smithsonian exhibition that recreated a virtual reality Burning Man Festival.

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BookingSuite App Store: a platform where accommodations can buy software for the hospitality industry (including Travel Appeal!)


BookingSuite App: la nuova piattaforma per acquistare software alberghieri


47% of travelers want technology to develop as quickly as possible to improve their travel experiences. However, according to recent research, only few accommodations are taking advantage of new technologies to improve the customer experience, before and during the stay. As a result, has developed the BookingSuite App Store, a platform where hotel partners can buy selected software to improve their digital activities including optimized websites, dynamic prices and online check-in services. Among the selected suppliers, Travel Appeal is included with our online brand reputation management solutions!

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