Thanks to Google, retail goes digital

Thanks to Google, retail goes digital

‘Smart’ Solutions for Retailers are here! Google announces the launch of Google Cloud for Retail


Google Cloud for Retailers

Google released Google Cloud for Retail, which includes AI-based solutions for retailers to better manage their inventory, provide personalized recommendations and enhance the customer service. “Real time inventory management and analytics provide a full view of what’s in stock in-store, in-warehouse and online”. This is invaluable for retailers, especially when ordering inventory and planning for sales and mega-events, such as Black Friday. Moreover, Google is in good company with their selected partnerships, including “Accenture for personalization; Deloitte for demand forecasting and other supply chain analytics solutions; and Trax for in-store inventory insights with image recognition”.

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Generation Z is revolutionizing the food industry


Gen Z changes the world of restaurants


“Gen Zs can FaceTime their friends, text their moms and order a pizza all at the same time” reveals David Portalatin, national analyst of the NPD Group, a global market research company. Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2012, not only dined at 14.6 billion restaurants in 2018, but ordered $552 million worth of food service delivery. Moreover, this generation is increasingly hard to market to because their preferences for quality, portability, nutrients and freshness outweigh the brand name.

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How hotels can optimize profits and online reputation with new technology


Guests look for technologies in hotels


Robi Veltroni, Scientific and Editorial Coordinator at Officina Turistica, reveals how new technologies have a positive impact on the lifecycle of hotel facilities. Taking inspiration from a survey conducted by PhocusWright, Robi shares data, trends and curiosities about the increasingly evolved and demanding tourist. For example, guests appreciate connecting with customer service by phone and also receiving a text notification when their room is ready or has just been cleaned. "Consumers already consider technology an inseparable element of the journey and ask - and expect - that hoteliers continue to invest in improving their experience."

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Lush bids farewell to social media and returns to direct contact with their clients  


Lush cosmetics dismisses social channels


Lush, the English-based chain of beauty products, has decided to close some of its most popular social media channels including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Why has the cosmetic company made such a drastic and unconventional choice? Communicating on social media is increasingly complex and more expensive for the global brand. In a farewell social post, Lush shares, “social media is making it harder and harder for us to talk to each other directly. We are tired of fighting with algorithms, and we do not want to pay to appear in your newsfeed. So we’ve decided it’s time to bid farewell to some of our social channels and open up the conversation between you and us instead”. To communicate with Lush moving forward, you will need to use mail, phone or online chat.

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