How a local hotel chain improved their online reputation

How a local hotel chain improved their online reputation

Anytime we sit down with a hotelier, the same problem always arises: there’s no time to manage online reputation.

One of the most crucial aspects of hospitality is listening to the customer, so why not listen to what they have to say online? The problem that so many hoteliers face is that reading reviews on a variety of channels, answering feedback appropriately and sharing it with staff require a great deal of time and attention that many hotel managers simply don’t have.


Success Stories: CP Hotels Verona

Three years ago, CP Hotels, a small hotel group operating in the Verona region since 1995, was in need of a customer feedback management solution. The hotel group, comprised of three 4-star hotels with a total of 242 rooms, had little time to monitor and analyze customer feedback.

We sat down with Stefania Zanuso, Head of Sales and Marketing, at CP Hotels Verona. Before the hotel integrated a review management solution, Stefania shares that there was never enough time to manage all the reviews, provide relevant answers and above all, analyze and interpret customer feedback in an easy overview to derive useful information.

“In the absence of reliable data, our meetings were difficult and our decisions - influenced by the personal opinions of each of us - did not help us “center” the services adequately and identify the expectations of our customers. It was evident that we needed impartial and objective support.”


Success is a team effort

To resolve the issue, CP Hotels Verona has chosen to integrate the Travel Appeal Dashboard into their operations. The product allows users to monitor reviews, social media channels, their website and overall sentiment while managing responses, optimizing brand positioning and climbing the rankings against competitors - all from a single platform.


How breakfast can make or break your reputation

According to the data of Travel Appeal, one area that generated criticism for the hotel was their breakfast. After making a few simple adjustments, such as changing the arrangement of food, improving the presentation and introducing a couple new products, the results visibly improved.

“The same pastries that were once criticized are now appreciated. Guests are now even emphasizing the variety and quality of the breakfast.”

From this experience, CP Hotels Verona has learned to vary products and capture the attention of guests at first glance, rather than first taste.


Data made simple

Using a single platform to uncover the overall sentiment and access each individual review is invaluable for CP Hotels Verona. In addition to the convenience and speed of customer feedback management, the Dashboard provides the hotel group with the opportunity to take targeted actions allowing for sentiment growth.

“Today, Travel Appeal allows me to have a picture of what I call the “soul of our structures” in the blink of an eye. This is an added value that optimizes my work and allows me to spend more time looking for new markets in order to increase our business.”


The Best Practices to Save Time and Optimize Results

The story of CP Hotels Verona paves the way for other hoteliers to learn the best methods for managing time and resources while improving brand reputation.

Check out their top tips!

  1. Invest in a professional tool for managing reviews when manual management is no longer possible
  2. Have the courage to rely on “real data” rather than your personal perceptions
  3. Focus your attention on weaknesses and take targeted actions to turn them into your strengths


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