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Pick of the Week 70 - Destination Storytelling: How can you really inspire travellers?



Destination Storytelling: How can you really inspire travellers?

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Expert - Ian Millar ENG

In the Mind of the Expert: Ian Millar

The Impact of Emerging Technologies in the Hospitality Industry

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dyk - vacation rentals

Vacation rentals are winning over the hearts (and wallets) of travelers

Vacation rentals and short-term apartments are revolutionizing the tourism and hospitality industries. Ten years ago, the main competition for hotels were B&Bs and timeshares, but in today’s marketplace, travelers have expressed their desire for a different type of accommodation.

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Destination rep ENG

Destinations and Reputation: Improve Visitor Sentiment by Maximizing Involvement

A destination’s online reputation does not only affect DMOs and tourism boards, but each and every business operating inside of that neighborhood, city, region or country. Hotels, restaurants and other operators involved in the visitor experience each play a unique role.

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dyk - cibo a domicilio in hotel ENG

Food Delivery and Your Hotel Suite: The Evolution of Room Service

Have you ever craved something other than what's on the mundane room service menu while pacing around your hotel suite? Ever wish you could instantly have hot pizza, sushi or tex-mex delivered right to your door? Ordering food delivery directly to your hotel room just got easier!

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dyk - airbnb and europe

Airbnb & Europe: A growing love affair

The connection between Airbnb and Europe, may be directly influenced by revenue, but there’s no doubt about the spark between the two!

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Takeaway - The impact of food and wine

The Impact of Food and Wine: How Homemade Pasta is Influencing Your Reputation

For restaurant, bar and cafe managers, properly managing online reviews is becoming increasingly crucial. The menu selection, wine list and even the table settings are often influenced by customer feedback and preferences.

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