dyk - Big data F&B 6

How does Big Data Affect the F&B Industry?

Like the latest Michelin Star restaurants, big data is a hot topic in the Food and Beverage industry. But what exactly is big data and how is it impacting restaurants, bars and cafes alike?

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A Digital Retail Revolution is Underway! Are You Ready?

In the Mind of the Expert: Giuseppe Stigliano


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The Insider's Guide to Promoting a Destination's Reputation

Travel Appeal has released our latest eBook, ‘The Insider’s Guide to Promoting a Destination’s Reputation’. We explore the truth between data and reality and reveal the key concepts behind a destination's reputation. You’ll also uncover the best tips to monitor brand reputation and increase visitor sentiment. Continue reading for a sneak peek!

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Hospitality in the Age of Social Media eBook


In Part 1 of Hospitality in the Age of Social Media, we explored how to build social communities, increase followers and understand which category they fall into. Part 2 will uncover how to engage these social users and transform them from followers to advocates.


Create Relevant Content

By now you’ve grown your social channel communities and pinpointed your audience members into different follower types. 
Now it’s time to nurture them.

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Hospitality in the Age of Social Media: Part 1

So you’ve created social media accounts and your business is active online. But what’s next?

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