Travel Appeal Grows and Expands to The Data Appeal Company

Travel Appeal Grows and Expands to The Data Appeal Company

I am really excited to share an important step for our company with everyone. For some time, Travel Appeal has proved capable of providing far beyond the borders of the tourism industry. This rapid evolution has convinced us to expand the company, becoming The Data Appeal Company Spa, a brand that best reflects the projects we carry out today and will carry out in the future.

The Travel Appeal brand will remain the same, with its products and services dedicated to tourism and hospitality, the sectors that we will continue to consider the heart of our work, since these industries are where everything first started.

In parallel, The Data Appeal Company will open doors to new business areas, allowing us to experiment with opportunities that are completely unexplored and to enhance our technologies beyond what we could have imagined at the beginning of this adventure.


the data appeal company structure


A few years ago, when Travel Appeal was born, the concept of reputation was fairly consolidated in the hospitality and restaurant industries, which is why it was our initial mission to aid these sectors in making travelers and customers happy. The first challenge was to expand the concept of going beyond "reviews" to discuss "appeal". Our objective was to highlight and leverage the content and information impacting the perception of a business, consequently influencing buying behaviors and customer choices.

For this reason, we have chosen to immediately implement an integrated and totally innovative global approach in our analysis, which collects data and online content about all components of a territory, including: hospitality, F&B, transportation, museums, retail shops,attractions and experiences. Every single activity is not only seen from a quantitative point of view, but also a qualitative perspective thanks to our semantic analysis of all reviews, content and conversations online. This data is processed with data from external factors, such as weather, events, prices and more.

This challenging and ambitious model has allowed us to master the market positioning of any business or a brand to understand its dynamics over time and which variables result in a positive change. This model is made possible by our technology and Artificial Intelligence, which are the nucleus of our business.

We soon realized that the data and information our algorithms uncover for hotels, restaurants and destinations is also very interesting and relevant for other sectors. This data and information is invaluable when understanding and evaluating the customer experience.

What Barclays coined the "feedback economy" has grown exponentially outside the hospitality and food and beverage industries. There is no business or brand today that is not influenced by what is written or said online.

We have extended our offer following the demand. The Data Appeal Company will serve those interested in our data analysis and digital monitoring. We are excited to formally enter the retail, finance and real estate sectors, since the appeal of a business or a territory is an excellent index to assess the economic reliability, make strategic investments and create and measure effective communication strategies.

Today, the data lake of The Data Appeal Company contains information on digital positioning, reputation and communication for nearly the entirety of Europe. This is what we have coined Human Experience Data. This data is available for any business looking to stay up to date, in real time. The opportunities and applications of this data are truly endless.

I could not be more enthusiastic about sharing this important evolution for our company. We are excited to change for the better. However, one thing that will not change is the commitment and love that we put into our work every day. We ensure that we will continue to provide the same level of quality, care and innovation that we have always offered our customers and partners.