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The Impact of Food and Wine: How Homemade Pasta is Influencing Your Reputation

The Impact of Food and Wine: How Homemade Pasta is Influencing Your Reputation

For restaurant, bar and cafe managers, properly managing online reviews is becoming increasingly crucial. The menu selection, wine list and even the table settings are often influenced by customer feedback and preferences.

Restaurateurs, hoteliers and tour operators are particularly attentive to online reviews and feedback, including social posts, photos and videos. In Italy - as in many other European countries - food and wine are one of the top decision-making factors for international tourists while searching for their holiday destination.

By leveraging our machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, we’ve uncovered the surprising truth about the impact of food and wine. By analyzing over 17 million reviews of restaurants, accommodations and experiences in Italy, we discovered trending topics, which factors influence positive and negative customer feedback and which dishes are most discussed.

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Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find!

  • 93% of reviews about homemade desserts and pastries receive 4 and 5 stars
  • TheFork discounts are often cited in negative reviews
  • A stellar hotel breakfast drives guests to write positive reviews 91% of the time
  • Cooking classes are the preferred experiences by foreign tourists and record a positive sentiment of 95.6%

To discover the impact that food and wine can have on your business, download the free report. Uncover actionable and data-driven insights to improve your offer, reputation and marketing strategies!