The new Travel Appeal Webinar is here!

The new Travel Appeal Webinar is here!

Travel Appeal is excited to announce the launch of Boost, our brand-new webinar!

Become inspired and discover the latest hospitality and technology insights. We invite businesses of any sector to join one of our mini courses and learn how to better manage online reputation, improve customer sentiment and monitor rates and competitors.

Boost consists of bi-weekly mini courses covering topics ranging from reputation management and discovering your competitive advantage to uncovering the latest industry trends. These 30-minute lessons are led by one of our experts who will guide you in enriching your knowledge, better understanding the marketplace and uncovering the functions and potential of our platform.


Climb the rankings and attract more customers!

How does reputation impact your revenues, pricing and ranking? In Boost, we dive into the importance of offering the best customer experience to maximize satisfaction.

Did you know that an excellent sentiment averages 25% higher revenues than a business with a good sentiment? And that an excellent sentiment, on average, has a 12% higher occupancy rate compared to a good sentiment?


Revenues not only depend on prices

Price is the perception of value that customers have in their mind. Not only is it important to know what your customers most and least appreciate, but it’s equally invaluable to understand the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. Create value by offering exactly what customers desire and providing services that are unique to your business.

Design strategies around your competitive advantage to attract more customers and boost revenues. We’ll show you the way!


Still need convincing?

Free: All our courses are completely free, from registration to participation. It’s that simple.

Interactive: Our experts are always available. Interact with them at any time!

Quick: A short time for maximum results! Each course is less than 30 minutes.

Comfortable: You can join the courses from anywhere. Connect and participate in the live stream from any device.

International. English or Italian? Our experts are happy to conduct the lessons in both English or Italian to meet the needs of our participants.


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