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Travel Appeal expands into Greece and Cyprus

Travel Appeal expands into Greece and Cyprus

Travel Appeal is expanding into Greece and Cyprus with a new dedicated partnership with Global Media.

Founded in 2014, Travel Appeal offers modern and diverse solutions to aid the Travel and Tourism Sector uncover their competitive advantage, improve customer satisfaction and increase revenue by leveraging human experience data and artificial intelligence technology.

In partnering with Global Media, Travel Appeal will now directly serve the rapidly growing Greek and Cypriot markets. Global Media is the only “independent” marketing house that has such a deep knowledge of the Greek and Cypriot Travel & Tourism Sector . For over 20 years, they have created hundreds of international campaigns on behalf of more than 200 Tourism-related clients .

“Our shared commitment is to pave the way for Destinations, Cities, Islands, Hotels, Museums, Restaurants and Tourism Stakeholders to drive growth, improve their reputation and create an extraordinary experience for their customers using advanced AI technology”, reveals Mirko Lalli, Travel Appeal’s CEO and Founder. “We’re incredibly excited about the expansion into the Greek and Cyprus markets and the opportunity to explore more about this region. Our partnership with Global Media is very strategic for us as their dedication and personalized attention to the tourism and hospitality sectors is exceptional”.

Based in both Athens, Greece and Nicosia, Cyprus, Costis Fronimos, Director and Founder of Global Media shares, “We are thrilled to introduce Travel Appeal’s diverse solutions for Destinations, Hotels and all those in the Travel & Tourism Sector across Greece and Cyprus. Their products will allow businesses to leverage their digital image, analyze and evaluate their clientele, maximize customer satisfaction, capitalize on opportunities and gain valuable insights even on a local level.

Travel Appeal differentiates themselves by delivering diverse and dynamic data, not only on customers and online feedback, but on entire destinations, visitor saturation, weather, events and other factors impacting purchasing decisions. “Their semantic accuracy is unparalleled providing a more precise score based on the variety of customer feedback and ratings. Their most recent features include Brand Monitoring and Social Listening, allowing managers to capitalize on how their business or destination is perceived online and take targeted actions accordingly”, states Fronimos.

Travel Appeal offers an ecosystem of products, including data-driven Reports, Chatbots and Dashboards for DMO’s as well as Individual and Chain Hotels and any agency looking to understand both the granular details and a holistic overview of their business. The Reports include detailed information about visitor saturation, demographics, favorite and most criticised aspects of visitors and which channels users share their feedback. Dive deep into any location to discover insights about transportation, services, retail shops, restaurants, venues, attractions, monuments and more - according to your needs.

For more information on Travel Appeal, explore our website. Interested in partnership opportunities? Learn more here