Mirko Lalli Selected by Endeavor: New Growth Opportunities for Travel Appeal

Mirko Lalli Selected by Endeavor: New Growth Opportunities for Travel Appeal

As Travel Appeal graduates

from start-up to scale-up, we’re thrilled to announce our selection into Endeavor!

Growth is on the horizon! 


Travel Appeal joins the prestigious network of Endeavor Italy, an international non-profit organization that supports the growth of the most promising entrepreneurs.

Mirko Lalli, our CEO and Founder, has passed the elite selection of Endeavor's 90th International Selection Panel (ISP), becoming one of 37 other hand-selected, rising entrepreneurs from around the world.


It’s only the beginning...


Travel Appeal’s Endeavor recognition is just the beginning of a multi-stage selection process, conducted annually, to identify the most deserving entrepreneurs. The opportunities are endless, allowing the chosen companies access to global markets, talent and capital development programs to accelerate the growth of international business.


What does this mean for Travel Appeal?


We are incredibly enthusiastic about the possibilities awaiting us! "Participation in the International Selection Panel in Atlanta was a particularly important moment. The days were full of content, engagement and sharing experiences with entrepreneurs from all over the world as well as with the Endeavor staff. It was a unique moment of enrichment and personal and professional growth", declared Mirko Lalli, founder of Travel Appeal. "Entry into this network undoubtedly represents a unique opportunity for Travel Appeal to access international markets and capital, and to grow on a global scale.”


Who is Endeavor Italy?


Endeavor Italy began in 2016 thanks to a local network of donors. It is part of Endeavor Global, the non-profit organization that supports entrepreneurs with "high potential" in accessing talent, markets and capital on a global scale through their own network. To date, Endeavor has selected over 1,840 entrepreneurs in 33 countries, which have generated 1.5 million jobs for a total turnover of 15 billion dollars in 2017 alone.

Endeavor Italy aims to support scale-ups access global markets, talent development programs and capital while accelerating international expansion. Endeavor is determined to create an increasingly active and structured network, capable of supporting and guiding the Italian innovation ecosystem, with the involvement of high-impact individuals willing to share their skills and knowledge.