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Your Summer Guide to the Top London Restaurants

Your Summer Guide to the Top London Restaurants

Whether your thermometer is in Celsius or Fahrenheit, summer is here and temperatures are on the rise! Being the data aficionados that we are, we dove into the reviews and online content to discover the top restaurants in London, just in time for summer vacation!

Food Fit for a Queen

We analysed 16,488 restaurants in London and 5,126,416 total reviews from 2018 to uncover the most popular cuisine types, most appreciated and ciritised aspects and the top outdoor restaurants in London based on online reviews.

Here’s a sneak peak of what we found!

Vegetarian food, though not the most popular, was the most reviewed, making up 18% of the total.

The data also reveals that healthier options are the most discussed; however, they do not record the highest sentiment, a value calculated by averaging ratings across review channels. In fact, mediterranean cuisine, though only 3% of all reviews, records the highest sentiment at 89.4%.

Food for thought...

Digging deeper into the reviews, we uncovered what customers value the most about restaurants in London. The quality of the food was discussed in 39% of reviews with an average sentiment of 82.8%Restaurant hospitality trailed close behind appearing in 38% of reviews with an average sentiment of 82.9%.

Another one bites the crust

Conversely, while analysing what customers criticize the most when writing reviews about restaurants in London, the experience, menu and service were the most frequently discussed with 25%, 24% and 23% of negative feedback respectfully. Perhaps a restaurant offers incredibly delicious food, but if the service is less than stellar, clients will complain and share their experience online.

Summer’s here! Your guide to al fresco & rooftop dining in London!

Of the 16,488 restaurants, 27% are al fresco, offer outdoor seating, rooftop or panoramic views. The average customer sentiment for al fresco restaurants is 82%, almost exactly on par with the average customer sentiment for restaurants in London.

Which restaurant receives the most reviews and records the highest sentiment? The winner is... Sky Garden! Have you been and posted a review? 

Download the infographic to discover all of the insights. Here's a sneak peak of what you'll find!

  • The Top 5 Outdoor and Rooftop Restaurants in London
  • Most valued and criticised aspects in the F&B industry, as told by your customers
  • Which cuisines are trending and which record the highest levels of customer satisfaction
  • The latest tools to improve your restaurant's reputation and climb the rankings... and more!

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