Track competitors, respond to reviews and analyze every aspect of your business - at a glance!

Let data drive your business. And your mind.


Improve customer sentiment by uncovering exactly what people say about your product, service, business and destination
Respond to reviews from a single platform. No complaint will go unanswered again! Build relationships with your clients but knowing exactly what they’re saying online and design your strategies accordingly. Take immediate action when required. Regain control and efficiently manage your business.


Set your prices accordingly by understanding how competitors, local events and trends impact your business
Find out how external factors impact your business. Events, weather, traffic and more - at a glance! Do nearby concerts draw more visitors to your hotel? Set your prices and offers accordingly based on the market. You might not be able to control the weather, but you can control how your business reacts! With Travel Appeal Smart Insights, you can implement solutions to improve your strategies.


Discover your competitive advantage by knowing how competitor businesses or destinations perform

Track the prices of competitors to set your pricing strategies accordingly. Analyze their strengths and weaknesses to optimize your market position and climb the rankings.

Strategize where you invest
Our customized dashboards provide granular insights about any business for managers to make informed decisions and investments. From revenues to reputation, find all the details you need about all of the locations you’re interested in. Using cutting-edge algorithms, we can forecast future visitors, updated in real time. Accurately predict how many visitors you’ll welcome and where they’re coming from.

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