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Why Travel Appeal

Revenues Depend on a NEW Currency: Reputation

Why Travel Appeal

Real-time data and customer reviews have revolutionised consumers’ purchasing behaviours and decisions.

After hotels and restaurants, peer reviews impact the retail industry.

Harvard Business School reveals: “A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9 percent increase in revenue.”

Once you find the path to increasing your reputation and earning trust, your earnings will continue to grow.

Travel Appeal shows you the way: we constantly monitor customer feedback from 100+ sources and created a method for scoring trust. We call it Customer Sentiment.


Improved Customer Sentiment Leads to:

+25% increase in revenue

+12%increase in hotel room occupancy

€100.000 average sales from our chatbot service per year

+7% boost in hotel direct bookings with our Certificate tool


Travel Appeal

Powerful Tools to Drive Customer Feedback into Real Results

Founded in 2014, Travel Appeal uses cutting-edge Semantic Analysis, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to make easy, yet powerful solutions to help professionals dive into their clients’ mind, make smart decisions, improve reputation and increase profits.

Our technology and products monitor, aggregate and interpret the data of over 1 million properties, activities and brands worldwide to support and inspire businesses of all sizes in travel, hospitality, food & beverage and retail.