Master the market

Master the market

Stay up to date about what’s happening in your destination to set the best pricing strategy

From the corporate level to the single property, discover the offer of your destination in detail and get useful advices to unlock all the potential offers by the territory events and trends.

Our proprietary algorithm is able to track all the data of your property and your destination data.

Events, weather and trends can be game-changer. Stay up to date about what’s happening in your destination and neighborhood to set the best pricing strategy. Master the marketdef


Smart Insights for smarter strategies

Your personal fortune teller. Travel Appeal can predict which events and trends will influence your market with our unique Smart Insights - intelligent notifications about trends and events you should be aware of, adding some useful tips to improve your marketing and pricing. You receive the notifications both on your computer and on Coach, your mobile app.

Are you a Hotelier? We can recommend increasing your rates by 15% as a result of The Jazz Festival having a 22% higher reputation year-over-year. We can show you that Canadian tourists are increasing and advise you to invest in a revised or more “international” breakfast to make them more satisfied.

Whatever is going on, you will always be informed.


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