Sell more services while you sleep: no human effort required

Sell more services while you sleep: no human effort required

Meet the Chatbot that helps you engage with guests and build loyalty 

Have you ever wondered how long it takes your staff to meet the needs of your guests? Satisfy and wow customers ... automatically and immediately! Allow your receptionists to save time!

Solve problems and save time!

Travelers can chat with the bot or property using our Chatbot Conversations, which handles over 80% of the conversations automatically. When necessary, staff can intervene and take action at any time. Clients can request human assistance through the Chatbot, while staff can update and collaborate internally.

Provide travelers the experience of their dreams. Have everything prepared before they enter your property. Know the preferences of regular guests.

Optimize performance. Through Smart Insights and the Dashboard, have an overview of each guest-to-staff interaction. Understand customer needs.

Create the perfect offer to the perfect target: Conversations is also a Marketing Automation Tool that creates custom campaigns and messages for your guests based on Facebook Marketing APIs.


A very personal assistant. For any traveler’s pocket.

Conversations allows you to sell additional services to customers to make their experience even more complete.

Increase up-selling and cross selling: Operators can directly offer catalogue-based or custom services directly to travelers; see additional items purchased by the guests at booking time to manage your inventory

Generating user feedback has never been so simple. Send customer surveys directly with Conversations.

Take care of guests and make them feel listened to and appreciated.Travel Appeal’s Conversations has been designed with the aim of engaging guests directly, up-selling services, profiling use preferences, building loyalty and automating actions.


Maximize your business performance; engage with guests and build loyalty. Chatting with your guests directly can speed up and automate key hospitality services.

  • Confirm reservations
  • Share important information about your property
  • Offer special promotions just for guests
  • Send an in-stay welcome message
  • Ask for requests and feedback during the stay
  • Send a request for a review/survey

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